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Our goal is to maintain a healthy social environment for our residents while promoting independence. We offer a variety of services to accommodate everyone.​While the amount and type of services will vary from person to person, the fundamental needs are always met with Up and About Care. A clean safe environment, medication management, delicious in-home prepared meals, weekly laundry and daily social activities are just a few things we offer to satisfy the fundamentals.To ensure each resident receives the proper amount of care an individualized service plan, based on one’s personal needs, will be closely followed and monitored. We strive to work with our residents, family and friends of residents as well as healthcare professionals to offer superior care while providing the space and independence we all deserve.

Up & About Care Assisted Living 

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Our Services

Up & About Care offers the best Assisted Living Services in Baltimore City.  Customizable living options provide a full range of services to accommodate everyone. Qualified staff is available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week to attend to your needs. We understand that additional assistance may be required, and that is ok-it is the reason we are here. Our services include medication management, grooming, bathing, and toileting assistance, home cooked meals served daily, transportation to medical appointments, community trips, socially engaging activities, and companionship, just to name a few.


Doctor / Medical Appointments

We understand the importance of working with your medical team to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our

highly trained staff is here to accompany you to your medical appointments and ensure your concerns are addressed.


Maintaining a Clean Environment

Quality care starts in a clean environment. Residents at Up & About Care benefit from fresh quality linen with detailed

weekly cleaning and laundry services.


Virtual Family Connection
Stay in contact with loved ones 

Long Term Care

Short Term Care

Trained staff onsite 24/7


Our Happy Customers

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