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Your needs are our priority

When you enter our doors at Up and About Care you know you are home. With our updated large living and dining areas, spacious hallways and rooms, there is no shortage of space for games, areas to enjoy entertainment or simply relax. We offer you a healthy social environment, by promoting independence, encouraging you to do your best and celebrating accomplishments. 

​Up and About Care Assisted Living's caring and compassionate team understand the level and type of service will vary from person to person. Which is why we custom fit your service plan to meet your goals and needs. A clean, secure environment, medication management, delicious in-home prepared meals, laundry service, housekeeping and more are provided by our experienced team.

To ensure satisfaction of our services and coverage of your needs, we will meet with you biannually, or sooner if needed. We take this time to discuss current services and the need for more or less. We work with you, your delegated family members, as well as healthcare professionals to ensure you have the support you need.

Up & About Care Assisted Living 

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Our Services

Up & About Care offers customizable living options and provides a wide range of services to accommodate your needs. We understand additional assistance may be required, and that’s ok. It's the reason we are here. Experienced staff onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist as much, or as little, as you like. Our services include medication management, grooming, bathing, incontinence assistance, daily home cooked meals, transportation to medical appointments, community trips, socially engaging activities, companionship and more.


        Doctor Appointments

We understand the importance of working with your medical team to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our

highly trained staff is here to accompany you to your medical appointments and ensure your concerns are addressed.


Maintaining a Clean Environment

Quality care starts in a clean environment. Residents at Up & About Care benefit from fresh quality linen with detailed

weekly cleaning and laundry services.


Virtual Family Connection
Stay in contact with loved ones 

Long Term Care

Quiet Location

Caring staff onsite 24/7


Our Happy Customers

Upgrade your lifestyle

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